Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Touching lives

Anyone who ever met John remembers him. Even people who hadn't met him remember him. That was just who he was.

It's so hard to grasp the ridiculousness of the FBI's report, which determined John died by his own hand. If the FBI had talked to people who knew him, people he worked with, people who respected him, they would understand the foolishness behind the report.

Instead, they went to Kenya with an agenda. An agenda made to maintain useful military outposts. An agenda designed to continue "cooperation" in the investigation into the Nairobi embassy bombings. An agenda to once again cover up the dirty doings of a corrupt government.

After all, the Moi regime had annihilated thousands of its own countrymen. It had its enemies conveniently commit "suicide" before: by breaking their own legs, shooting themselves several times and then lighting themselves on fire. Hmmm... interesting methods of suicide in that country.

A lot of attention is being given to the AIDS epidemic in Africa. The US and other countries pour millions upon millions of dollars into treatments and medications to help. But little to none of it reaches its intended purpose. Instead, the supplies are diverted to the elite within the government's safety net.

And after all these atrocities against their fellow man, we are just supposed to swallow that John killed himself? When he was ready to go before the Hague International Crime Court to disclose all this damning information?

The Kenyan government may have thought we'd just roll over, and the FBI too. But we didn't. And we won't.

So our fight continues ....