Saturday, September 17, 2005

Contact your Senators and Representative!

For the past two years, the Kenyan government has been conducting an inquest into John's death. Recently, the attorneys representing the church and our family submitted a formal request to the FBI to testify at the inquest. Last week, the FBI responded by stating they did not feel it necessary to testify as they had been involved in the investigation.

I urge you to get your Senators and Representative to contact the Justice Department regarding this matter. The inquest is an official government investigation and our government is now not cooperating with the death of a United States citizen!

The FBI has information on lost evidence, witness lists, etc., that is vital to the inquest -- whether it proves the FBI's conclusion of suicide or not. As a family, we are simply hoping to have the truth be told ... and the FBI is extremely important to seeing that accomplished.

Please write, call, email your congress people as soon as possible. The more we make noise, the more we will get the truth told.

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